Leah Remini’s Father Speaks on Leah, Kevin James and the “Kiss of Death”

Leah Remini’s father talks about the way she maligned The King of Queens leading man Kevin James, and how, years later, Remini was the “kiss of death” to James’s new sitcom.


Back in the day, when Leah was on The King of Queens, she always came off like Kevin was the second banana, as they call it in TV land. So, she used to abuse him in a way like, “He’s a—he’s just a big fat dummy,” he’s this, he’s that, and it made no sense. I used to say to her, “Leah, the guy gave you a job. He’s trying to make you a star. And you got what to say about him?” And she would go on again on a longer tirade about, you know, Kevin James, his—his weight, his demeanor, everything else. She was not, like, really a friend of Kevin—that being Leah’s nature—always putting people down because I guess she’s insecure.

Leah would call Kevin “a fat bastard” and “no talent” and she, Leah, was the one who—who ran The King of Queens and Kevin was just the fallback, you know, to her jokes, let’s say. And I think that was very wrong of her to say that, because Kevin is, again, a nice guy.

As far as the show [Kevin Can Wait] goes with Kevin, I think he made a big mistake by bringing Leah into the show because she was not gonna do anything for the show except bringing negative vibes to it. Which is what she did. And I guess CBS felt Leah was a problem. So they cancelled the show.

Leah coming on the show was a kiss of death.