Mark Rathbun Recounts Leah Remini’s Admission About “Reality TV”

Mark Rathbun recounts the day TV sitcom actress Leah Remini instructed him on how she plans, scripts and performs “reality TV.”


So once I got taken to school on the subject of reality TV by Leah. I had talked to her—this is one of her AWOL periods where I call her out on something and all of a sudden she can’t be found for several months. And I texted her after I watched her reality show where they had this therapist come in and they had a group therapy session with their family.

And I texted her and I said, “Hey, you know, I’m really impressed that you guys had the—that you had the courage to do that and share that with people. I mean that’s pretty personal,” right. I said, “I got one problem with it though. I mean I think it was really terrible how you just dumped it all on your mother and made her look like she was the villain of the piece and somehow unintelligent and stupid and culpable for getting you—the whole family involved in Scientology.” I said, “I could literally see it on her. She didn’t—she looks terrible,” okay.

So Leah lets the first part go, and just addresses the second part, because she’s a narcissist and, you know, if you say anything that—if you just say anything that’s perceived as other than worship for her, she’s going to jump on that. “Oh, no, no, no,” she says, “you didn’t—you didn’t get it at all.” She said, “This wasn’t an actual therapy session. We—this whole thing was planned and scripted. We literally—,” I said, “You literally acted?” “Yeah, we literally….​” She says, “Listen, that’s how it works, honey, doll, that’s how you do it. It’s not reality. I work out—I plan out all these episodes and we figure them out beforehand on who’s going say what and who’s going to do what. What do you think, I’m just going to put a camera on myself?”

And I’m like—you know, that’s how uneducated I am about reality TV. I mean, I don’t watch reality TV, I just assume they put a camera in there and people live their lives. But no, she instructed me that’s not what it’s about. It’s not reality. It’s unreality. It’s fake reality.

Matter of fact, in the course of her telling me this, she literally told me that they had planned this and scripted it for the purposes of having maximal poke-in-the-eye effect on [Scientology ecclesiastical leader] David Miscavige and Scientology.