Leah Remini’s Father Was Upset by Her Words: “It Hurt Me a Lot”

Leah Remini’s late father shares his hope that his daughter would one day realize ‘“I have a dad. I want to be in touch with him,’” even though she published hurtful words about him.


GEORGE: My wife’s name is Dana. She has been very supportive of me and everything that’s been going on. And she’s been very defensive with Leah because, in fact, that Leah had what to say about her and, of course, me, in her book. What hurt me most about the book is that Leah said a lot of things like, I’m a drug dealer, I’m a pimp, I’m this, I’m that. And I said, “Where are you getting this?” It’s just like her show on Scientology. She doesn’t talk to anybody who would know if they’re true or not, but she’ll still air what goes on. So in her book Leah said a lot of bad things about me and her mother, Vicki, and of course her stepfather, George, and Angelo [Leah’s husband]. And when I read all this, it hurt me a lot. Like I said, how could my daughter say these things about me?

DANA: When George was sick with cancer, Leah did fly out to see George once. She stayed all of 8 hours and then flew back home to California. So, other than that one time flying out here, she never once flew out here again to see how George was doing. “I made an appearance. I did what I had to do and that’s that.” Even if the relationship isn’t that good, he’s still your father. He’s still your father.

GEORGE: Yeah, I always held out a hope that one day she’ll, you know, hit her head or something and wake up and say, you know, “I have a dad. I want to be in touch with him. I want to talk to him.” You know, besides everything else.