How Leah Remini Denied Her Father $1,500 for a Cancer Biopsy

Leah Remini’s father tells the story of his daughter reneging on an emergency loan of $1,500 for a biopsy, which later revealed he had cancer.


GEORGE: I had to be tested for cancer and Leah said, “How much is it?” I says, “It’s $1,500.” $1,500 is a pair of shoes for her or boots, that’s for $1,500. And being that my ex-wife was robbing every penny from the company, you know, we were bad off. So I turned around and I said, “Leah, could you do this for me? You know, it’s serious. It’s a, you know, biopsy for cancer.” She says, “Yeah, yeah. I’ll take care of it. What’s the doctor’s number? What’s his name?” I gave her everything. She says, “I’m going to just put it on my credit card.” I says, “Fine.” Leah never did it. I says, “Why didn’t you do it?” “Well, I don’t want them to have my credit card number.” I say, “Why don’t you send them a money order, you know, overnight?” She says, “Oh, I didn’t think of that, you know.” I says, “You’re talking about my life here for $1,500.” So she says, “What can I do? Bla bla bla bla.” I said, “Alright. Drop it, forget it.”

I made, you know, I made arrangements with the hospital and they took the biopsy and it came out to be cancer. And I went through 14 hours of surgery for the cancer. And one of the days I was in bed, she shows up with Angelo. I says, “It’s nice to see you,” you know, but still in my heart I’m saying, “I shouldn’t have been here. The guy did the biopsy a year ago, I should have been able to do it. You know, with you saying, ‘Yes, Daddy, I’ll do it for you.’” Which she never did. And I wasn’t really thrilled to see her and Angelo. It was nice for a minute, a minute, I had a daughter, you know. Now I don’t have a daughter. Well, I have two daughters.

DANA: But she isn’t—but you know what, though, she’s a little bastard. She is a bastard.

GEORGE: Yeah, you know, even if—

DANA: Because that’s—that’s disgusting. You see what I mean, her having no moral—she has no morals. No morals.