Leah Remini’s Father on How She Wouldn’t Take His Calls

Leah’s father recalls how he reached out to his daughter “many, many, times” only to be told she was busy, and when they did eventually speak, it was like “talking to a stranger.”


GEORGE: I tried to reach out to Leah, many, many, many times. And every time I called, that she was there, Vicki would pick up the phone. She says, “Oh, no, she’s setting the table. She’s busy,” or, “She’s out by the pool laying down. I don’t want to wake her up.” You know, and it would just go on like that. Until finally we both said, “What am I doing here?” You know, “I’m the father. I’m calling you.”

DANA: And then when Hurricane Sandy hit.

GEORGE: Right. She called to see if we were alive, knowing that, “Hey, if they’re dead, I could take their estate,” you know. That’s basically the only reason she called. And you know, I felt like I was talking—when I was talking to Leah—I felt like I was talking to a stranger. Total stranger.