Father and Wife Say Leah Remini Got Paid for Lies about Her Parents

Leah Remini’s published “memoir” contained what her father and his wife say are lies about her parents, proving “she’ll say anything just to…​get paid.”


DANA: When Leah wrote her book, Troublemaker, she got paid for that.

GEORGE: Yeah. She got paid for that. I mean, she got paid for lies. I mean, she called me her mother’s pimp in the book. And I’m like, “What? So you’re calling your mother a whore. Is that what you’re saying?”

DANA: Yeah. She called her own mother a slut in her book. Imagine that. Calling your own mother a slut.

GEORGE: And I’m a—and I was a drug dealer, big drug dealer.

DANA: You see, she’ll say anything just to sell, sell, sell so she gets paid.