Father and Wife Discuss Leah Remini’s Motivations for Hurt and Lies

Leah Remini’s father and his wife discuss lies Leah published about her father, her motivation for hurting him and whether she believes her own stories.


DANA: Leah Remini is very phony. You can never really know the person that she is. She is also, you know, news, you know, hungry. She’ll do anything to get her name out, you know, into the news. And it doesn’t matter who she will hurt to do it. As long as she gets her name out there, she’s happy. She once said to George, “Any news is good news.”

GEORGE: Yes. That’s what she said, besides calling me a pimp in her book. There’s a lot of things. I mean, she said I was a gangster, I think in the beginning of the book. And I was a coke dealer. You know, and again, beating Nicole. I would never beat my kids.

DANA: And like I said, you know, Nicole’s husband, according to Leah, beats her up. Why didn’t you put that in there?

GEORGE: Yeah. That’s what she said.

DANA: You know, your sister got caught for selling coke in North Carolina.

GEORGE: Twice.

DANA: Twice. Why didn’t you put that in there? You know, “the truth,” instead of fabricating stories because she harbors ill will for him. So, she’ll make up stories and believe it. Yeah, she’s delusional. Well, delusional and—

GEORGE: Sneaky.

DANA: And sneaky. You know she just—she’s trying to hurt him by telling lies.