Father and Wife Discuss Leah Remini’s Condescending Role towards Costar

Leah Remini’s father and his wife explain how Remini “finagled” her way onto a show where she was “very condescending” towards her co-star.


GEORGE: With Kevin James, she [Leah] somehow finagled him into putting her on the show.

DANA: Which I thought was so disrespectful to the new girl on the show, the actress. You know, to walk in, onto her territory. Unbelievable. You know, that’s her, that’s her time, that’s her time. And what did she do? You know, she wants to make it her [Leah’s] time.

GEORGE: Very aggressive on the show. She’s [Leah is] coming off like she’s a cop. And, you know, “We have to do this,” and, “We have to do that.” And, “Remember that time you fell off the roof?” And, you know, stupid things that she was telling him. But she was very condescending towards Kevin James in that role. And Kevin just, you know, I guess he just figured, “Well, it’s two shows and that’s it.” Kevin’s a nice guy. He’s a really, really nice guy. He sent me a card when I was—when I had cancer. I didn’t get a card from her. He sent me a card.

DANA: Well, Kevin James probably knows that Leah is a—is a nut and if he turns, you know, her down who knows what she might do.

GEORGE: Yeah. Leah might make up, you know, who—God knows what story she can make up.

DANA: And sell it to the Enquirer, because she didn’t get her way.

GEORGE: Well, she got her way. She got two segments on his show which is—I bet you she’s—Leah is working to try to get on the show as, you know—

DANA: And it wouldn’t surprise me if Leah said to Kevin James, “Oh, try to get this new girl, you know, off and get me on there.” It wouldn’t surprise me at all.


DANA: Because that’s how she works.