Jason Witnessed Leah Remini’s Abusive Relationships with Family, Friends

Over a decade-long period, a friend and Church staff member witnessed Leah Remini’s pattern of abusive relationships with both family and friends.


With Leah it was a non-changing pattern. If she was doing well, things were fine. You wouldn’t necessarily have to worry about it that much. But when things weren’t going well in her life, she would blame other people and she would go after them and [be] verbally abusive to them, yelling profanities.

Leah had asked her mother to do something with her car and some other tasks that needed to be done around the house. Her mother went off to go do those things.

And then midway through, Leah was inspecting what was happening and then correcting the mother and being very rude, using profanities, just cussing out her mom, saying how bad she was at these different things. And then that caused her mother to make further mistakes on whatever she was trying to do and then that further made Leah more upset. And then she was just calling her like, “stupid,” “moronic” and other things that shouldn’t be repeated.

Having manners, having respect, having love for her fellows, her family, and that never got through to her.

Leah had a lifelong friend, all the way from high school, growing up, all the way into their later years. She was very close to her, it was a very important part of her life. They would go do everything together, they would always be together, like they were inseparable. And this was for 20, 30 years.

And then one Thanksgiving something happened. Leah had photos of this person all throughout her house. You know, this person was a definite, big part of her life. Something happened at Thanksgiving. The next day all the photos were gone. I asked Leah, “What happened?” “Well, I disconnected from her.”

She didn’t go into the specifics of it and I didn’t particularly—it wasn’t my place to necessarily ask. But it was just, it was the strangest thing, having someone who’s so much part of your life all up till one day and then nothing.