Clark Recounts Troubling Concern of Leah Remini’s Mother

A friend of the family recalls how Leah Remini’s mother was concerned she was no longer able to reason with her daughter, who she felt was slipping away from her.


Leah’s mother invited me and my wife over for dinner—something we did every so often—we’d go out to dinner or go over there for dinner. And this night was a little different in that she voiced to us concerns about Leah.

And so me and my wife listened. We were like, “What’s happening?” And she just—she was concerned that her daughter was slipping away from her in that she couldn’t reason with her, you know. You know, Leah slowly becoming the megalomaniac she became—her mother at that time was concerned that she could not get through to her.

I got the sense that her mother, maybe, at one point, was some kind of voice of reason and just no longer had that sway over her.