Leah Remini Speaks on Church of Scientology as “Her Place” as an Artist

Leah Remini speaks of how she would not have been successful in her career without Scientology, but would be lost, be in the dumps and would “probably be an animal.”


Well, I’m an artist so, like I said, without it [the Church] I’d be, you know, in the dumps and I would probably be an animal. I would be a horrible, horrible person. But it—as an artist, again, to know that there’s a place that you could be totally safe and know that if there’s anything going on in your life, anything that you just feel like there’s nobody that could help you, you know that you can come to this one place and everything would be better, you know, within the day that you come. And it’s just—I can’t tell you what it’s meant to me. I mean, beyond anything, it’s like it’s my place.