Leah Speaks on How Scientology Has Helped Her as an Artist and in Life

Leah Remini speaks of how she found the help she needed in Scientology as an artist and in every area of her life, enabling her to solve problems and get along with others.


I’ve become much stronger as an artist because of Scientology. There’s so many dimensions—I don’t want to be geeky about it, but the bottom line is, you find out who you really are. You find out the things you’re feeling are valid. You find—I have find, have found ways to get along better in life because, you know, I’m a fighter, I’m a fighter. And so this has really helped me. There’s technology on everything you might need—have little problem areas in your life, how to get along with others, which is my big thing. I don’t really get along with others.

And, you know, there’s so many things. There’s so many things that, that Scientology’s helped me with. I don’t think I would be me, really, without Scientology. I don’t think I’d have the success that I have without Scientology. I wouldn’t be the girlfriend that I am, the daughter that I am, the sister that I am, because—this is all because of Scientology and what Scientology has taught me.