Leah Finds It Hard to Be a Scientologist as “Ethic Level…​Is Very, Very High”

In an interview for BBC TV, Remini candidly expressed her personal view that the high ethic level of the Church made it hard for her to be a Scientologist. “Scientology is about being responsible….​A lot’s expected of you.”


You’re expected to be all that you can be. It’s not easy to be a Scientologist because the ethic level of this group is very, very high. We care a lot about people. And you are expected to be the best person that you can be. You can’t fall down on being a victim, you can’t fall down on your childhood, you can’t fall down on, you know, “I just want to be a selfish ass and just do what I want to do.” I mean, Scientology is about being responsible, it’s about reaching out to people in your family, around the planet—to care, you know. It’s—a lot’s expected of you.