Eric Recounts How Leah Remini Fired His Wife—​Her Best Friend of 25 Years

The husband of Leah Remini’s best friend and business partner tells of Remini firing his wife, then cancelling the family’s health insurance, their holiday plans together—and 25 years of friendship.


My wife had worked for Leah twice. Once many years ago, and that relationship ended up bad. They broke up, they didn’t work together anymore. Hey, we’re all young, we’re stupid, whatever. She was a celebrity on a show and my wife—it didn’t work out.

I broke up the relationship myself because it wasn’t working out. It was driving my wife crazy. My wife would come home upset and I didn’t want to see my wife upset. So I said, “Stop working for her if you don’t want to work for her. You can get another job, you’re employable.” So she did.

Years and years go by and Leah comes back into our life like gangbusters. You know, “Hey! It’s been so long. I want to be part of your life again.” And I was over here. I was like, “There’s something wrong here, man, there’s something wrong. I just don’t know what.” Because Leah is a conniving, evil person. I mean, you have to understand the mental idea that somebody could be that manipulative, that conniving, that evil. These people exist and she’s one of them. I mean she’s just one of them. She hates people—she hates people with a passion.

She spent the better part of a month inviting me over to her house, inviting my wife over with me to her house, doing anything she could in her power to allow me—to sell me on having my wife become her business partner. “And we’re going to do this together—you, me and your wife—and you’re going to have a part in it and she’s going to have a part in it and we’re going to be equal business partners and it’s going to be fabulous.”

Let me tell you something, man, that didn’t work out so well for us at all. It ended up in Leah stealing approximately $200,000 from my wife. How did that happen? She was fired. She was let go.

My wife gets this email on her Blackberry of, I mean, to summarize it quickly, Leah just basically said, “You’re fired! I know it’s near the holidays. I want nothing to do with you, your family, your children, nothing for the holiday season.” We had all had prior plans with Leah and her family as we did for many years prior.

And the communication was very terse. It was, “Get out of my life, I want nothing more to do with you. If you have any problem with this, talk to my lawyer. Don’t ever speak to me again and you can take your health insurance and shove it straight where the sun doesn’t shine. You can take any money that you think you’re owed and forget about it. You get nothing! Leave, go away, go to hell, have a nice day.”

Why? Because Leah felt like it. Leah felt that she couldn’t control my wife anymore. She couldn’t control me—that’s for sure. And she hated it. She hated every single moment of not being able to control us. That’s why she let my wife go.

What happened with the money? Lawyers happened with the money. Leah’s attorney contacted my wife or my wife contacted her attorney—doesn’t matter. It was very much spelled out to my wife, “Look, you’re right. This money from your production company that you earned, your half, is 100% yours but you’re never going to see it.”

“Why am I never going to see it?”

“Because Leah has unlimited deep pockets and she will sue you and she will do whatever she needs to do to make sure you never see dime one of that money. Nothing more than spite. She has it, she could pay you in spades. She doesn’t want you to have it. She doesn’t want you to have a good life. She hates you. And that’s the bottom line.” So.