Family Remark on How Leah Remini Comes Off as “Tough Guy”

Leah Remini’s father and his wife see through Leah’s inclination to come off like a “tough guy in the hood.”


GEORGE: Leah was always—like in Brooklyn, she came off like a tough guy, you know. I guess when she came into money and she’s—she’s calling the shots, everything changed. You know, she became the Leah we know and love today.

DANA: Yeah, but it’s easy to be a tough guy when, you know, you have all this money and you’re sitting pretty in California. You know, it’s easy to be a, you know, tough guy because, like, you’re protected. You know, it’s not like she’s, you know, in the hood. You know, but she’s coming across like, you know, I’m a tough guy. Yeah, try [to] be a tough guy in the hood.