Father and Wife on Consequences of Not Buying Leah Remini’s Act

Leah Remini’s father and stepmother relate how if Leah “can’t pull the wool over your eyes” to buy into her act, she’ll “attack” and try to “bring you down.”


GEORGE: Ever since she’s been a little girl, Leah’s been acting and acting out. And this is no different. She’s acting, she’s an actress or, you know, whatever and she’s just—she’s just acting out. And taking people along with her and paying them and there you go. The dramatic sells. Yeah, the more she can get somebody to cry or attempt to look like they’re crying, it becomes more dramatic. And more dramatic means more people are gonna watch it [Aftermath TV show] which, to me, is ridiculous. But that’s what’s going on.

DANA: Well, Leah exaggerates her stories a lot. One story is, she says that her father mentally and physically abused Leah and Nicole [Leah’s sister], which is a flat-out lie.

GEORGE: Yeah, I used to go to—when, excuse me, they were living with Dennis [Leah’s stepfather], that was Vicki’s live-in boyfriend. And Nicole told me that Dennis ripped a scab off her arm. You know, so I went over there and I grabbed him. And he says, “No.” He says, “I was crossing the street with her and this and that.” So Nicole was sort of acting too. You know, “Let my daddy, you know, come down on this guy.” So he would, you know, maybe not discipline them as much. Because they knew that, you know, I would come along and, you know, there would be a problem.

DANA: Yeah, one thing about Leah, if she can’t pull the wool over your eyes, she hates you. But if she can pull the wool over your eyes, she loves you.

GEORGE: Your best pal.

DANA: Yeah, “What, honey? What, sweetie? What?” But if you don’t go along with her story, she hates—she’ll make stories up about you. She’ll attack you. Anything to bring you down.