Stepmother Recalls Leah Remini’s Attitude Growing Up

Leah Remini’s stepmother, Donna Fiore, recalls that when Leah grew up in her house, she had an attitude—and Fiore called her out on it.


When we married, I had a six-year-old girl and George [Remini] had a five-year-old girl and a seven-year-old girl, Leah and Nicole. So we started out with three girls and then we had two more. So it was quite the circus. It was quite the circus. Lots, lots and lots of drama. You know, they would be like, “Oh, daddy said this and, and…” And it was bullshit, you know.

But, when they were little they were always in my house, alright. I took them shopping, I spent the holidays with them, I took—I ran when they had a problem. They were in my house. I fed them. I clothed—I did that—I was the one that did it all.

Look, those girls loved to abuse each other. So it started out like, “It’s my house.” “It’s your house.” “It’s my mother.” “It’s not this di-di-di-di…” “Did my father buy this?” You know, all this crazy shit. And Leah, she loved it because it was so different from her everyday Hollywood life.

You know, like, one of the girls would come in and say, just something, you know, snotty, abusive and they were like, “Oh, alright, Beauty Queen,” you know, in one ear and out the other. I mean, they got reprimanded, you know.

With Leah it came out with her attitude, like, “Shut the f—k up,” you know, that kind of thing. I would be like, “Excuse me, Star, get up off your ass.”

And she took it because she knew she was full of shit and she knew that I knew. So, you know, I said, “Don’t play it on me, you know. It’s me you’re talking to here.” And she was, “Right, right, right.”

But you know, I have always—I just, you know, I had things that she’s done that really made me sad.