Father and Wife Witnessed Leah Remini’s Abuse of Mother, Family

Leah Remini’s father and his wife witnessed “Leah abuse her mother,” stepfather, sister and husband—all who tolerate the abuse as they “live off of her.”


DANA: You know, I always said to George, I’d said—George—he [George] had one of the biggest asbestos companies in New York City. He worked his whole life. So Leah should not have anything to say about him. “Turn to your husband. What was his career? What did he ever do with his life? Nothing. He lived off of you. So you have Angelo living off you. You have Vicki living off of you. You have Shannon living off of you. You have—you’ve got to pay the bills.” No wonder why she’s acting the way she’s acting.

GEORGE: Don’t forget the—

DANA: She’s desperate for money probably.

GEORGE: Don’t forget the handyman. And George [stepfather]. Leah treats George Marshall [stepfather] as a father and she also abuses him verbally. And he takes it like it’s a big joke but Leah really means what she says. Even with her mother; she abuses her mother. Leah says the same things to her mother and the daughter. And let’s not forget Angelo. You know, he gets the same, he gets the brunt of everything. And with the cheating, knowing Leah, it’s like living on death row.

DANA: And Vicki tolerates Leah abusing her because she lives off of her. Vicki has no job. I don’t think she ever did and she lives off of Leah. Leah gives her money, pays her bills, she bought her a home. So what is she going to do? Without Leah she has nothing.