Father Tells of Leah Skipping Grandmother’s Funeral and Her View of Family

Leah Remini’s father tells of how Leah did not attend her grandmother’s funeral, and what that said about Leah’s view of family.


GEORGE: Leah has no feeling whatsoever about putting somebody down. No matter who it is—her mother, her father, anybody. I mean, my mother died, and she was always like, “Oh, my grandmother, my grandmother, my grandmother.” Do you know she didn’t even show up at the funeral for my mother? So, she’s just a phony.

All her “Oh, we’re going to make a documentary with my grandmother, and we’re going to do this and we’re going to do that.” And like I said, she never even came to the funeral. And then she says, “Oh, I don’t like funerals.” Hello! This is family! This is your grandmother. The woman who practically raised you. And she just—that’s the way she is. And I don’t like it. And that’s another reason why Leah and I don’t talk. I mean, I’m sure if, God forbid, Vicki [Leah’s mother] died, you know, I would probably go out to California and pay my respects.