“Leah Treats Angelo Like the Hired Help,” Observe Father and Wife

While Leah Remini tries to give the appearance that she and her husband have a close-knit family, her father and his wife say “Leah treats Angelo like the hired help.”


GEORGE: Leah treats Angelo like the hired help. I think she has more respect for their handyman, whatever his name is, I forgot, than she does for Angelo. You know, Angelo does all the minimal stuff around the house. He takes care of Sofia [their daughter], he’ll drive her to school. He’ll do this, he’ll do that. And that’s what his thing is. So he’s not really a person in himself. You know, he wanted to be a salsa singer. I mean, Leah was friends with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. And if you have those two people that you’re friends with and you’re a salsa singer, you should be getting a job. You know, rather than, you know, flipping burgers at the restaurant [Leah’s restaurant]. I don’t know much about Angelo cheating but from what I saw, I think it’s, you know, really possible that that happened.

DANA: But I can see Angelo cheating on Leah because when George and I went out to visit Leah a couple of years ago, she was very degrading to him. Always calls him an s-p-i-c. I don’t want to say it, but that’s how she would, “Ahh, you s-p-i-c.” And as a man that makes you feel degraded. Or even as a human being, you would feel degraded. Anybody to call you—that word. That’s terrible.

GEORGE: But if you’re being kept, you take anything. And that’s what I’m looking at. And I’m pretty sure that’s where they’re at. You know, Angelo is just there as a—say, eye candy. Not really, but you know. That’s what I think Angelo is there for, to keep up the show of a family, a close-knit family, which they’re not.

DANA: And Leah’s very dismissive to Angelo. Like I say, she’d always say, “Ahh, shut up you s-p-i-c.” You know, just always dismissive of him. Make him, you know, run around. One time Sofia, I think, whatever, she pooped in her diaper because she was a baby. And, you know, Leah picked up the diaper and she’s like, “Angelo get it out of here right now!” And she almost threw it at him.

GEORGE: And Angelo had to put the little girl to bed. And mommy [Leah] was just sitting there. You know, and I told Leah, “Why don’t you put your daughter to bed?” She said, “That’s Angelo’s job.” I said, “Okay, it’s Angelo’s job but I thought, you know, you were a family, you worked together.” She said, “I got to get up for work tomorrow.” I said, “So does he.” But I don’t want to get into a whole back and forth thing with them. But that’s basically the way she treats him. She treats him—I told you, the handyman gets more respect than Angelo gets. And for that, I feel sorry for him because, you know. But he still cheated on her from what I understand.