Stepmother Explains How She Called Out Leah on “Nasty” Behavior

Leah Remini’s stepmother explains that she could call Leah out on her “nasty” behavior because, unlike Leah’s other relatives, she didn’t “depend on [her] financially.”


Leah, she pulled something once. I don’t know what it was but it totally pissed me off. She was nasty to Angelo. It was the day of Sofia’s baby shower. She was in a bad mood because she was fat, okay. She was like, “Look! I’m blobbed out!” I said to her, “I should have taken a picture of that. That would have been like ‘the shot,’ you know.” But, she said, “You didn’t, did you?”

But she was in her, like, makeup dressing room with all these people around her doing all these things for her and, “Oh, Leah.” “Oh, Leah.” “Oh, Leah!” The house was filled with family. VH1 was filming, alright. My other step-granddaughter got yelled at from somebody and she was crying. It was just like chaos, right.

And Angelo came in with this beautiful pink bouquet of pink roses and all these toadies were toadying and Angelo came in and she—she was really nasty to him. And after he left the room I said, “Leah,” I said, “that is f—ked up.” I said, “He did nothing.” I said, “You know, you didn’t even say, ‘Thank you.’ You just acted like, ‘Yeah, alright. Yeah.’” And she said, “What are you saying? Blah-blah-blah. How could you say that?!”

I said, “Very easy. I’m the only one that doesn’t depend on you financially.” Because they all do. They all do.