Stepmother “Tired of All the Bullshit” with Leah; Recalls Her Trash-Talking J.Lo

Leah Remini’s stepmother is “tired of all the bullshit that comes along with her,” recalling how the actress used to trash-talk her “best friend forever,” Jennifer Lopez.


Hi. My name is Donna Fiore. It used to be Donna Remini. Alright. And I’m—I was 28 years Leah’s stepmother.

And I have not spoken to Leah since my younger daughter died. You know, I’m really pissed at her, okay. I’ve been pissed at her for four years since my younger daughter died, alright. And I’m just, you know, tired of all the bullshit that comes along with her.

I mean, she’s best friends with J.Lo, right? Her friend? She used to call her “ghetto trash.” Her and Angelo were friends with Marc Anthony and his second wife. And then they broke up and, you know, he started with J.Lo and Leah was all, “Ah. She’s ghetto trash. What is he doing with her? She’s…” you know, and all kinds of shit.

And now they’re “best friends forever.”