Family Tell How Leah Remini “Gets Vindictive” and What It Means

Leah Remini’s father and his wife tell how Leah “gets vindictive” and works “to take you down”—even family members—when she gets the idea someone crossed her.


DANA: You know, she’s [Leah] always in on hurting people, you know, always in on hurting people.

GEORGE: When my daughter, Stephani, passed away, she [Leah] called us and she said, “Don’t go to the hospital, you know, they’re going to cause a riot. And don’t go to the ceremony, because they’re going to—Donna’s going to throw you out.” And she first didn’t like Donna [Leah’s stepmother]. Then she did. Then she doesn’t like her again. So, that’s the way things go with her.

DANA: When Donna turned against Leah—the email that I gave you where I—Donna said, you know, “F—k you, f—k you every, you know, Remini.” What happened after that was Leah told Elizabeth to clean out Donna’s apartment in North Carolina. And she was left with nothing. They took her spoons, her forks—

GEORGE: Everything.

DANA: Everything.

GEORGE: Don’t ask us why because we don’t know.

DANA: Because she was like, “Yeah, you’re going to say—you’re going to turn against me and say f—k you and call the Enquirer on me?” She gets vindictive and she’ll look to take you down.

GEORGE: So when Donna was, I guess, here with—I don’t know, cleaning out the apartment with Elizabeth?

DANA: Yeah, Donna lived in North Carolina. So did Elizabeth. And Leah told Elizabeth, just, “F—k her, clean everything out.” And they did.

GEORGE: They took all her furniture, everything. She [Donna] went back to the apartment and the woman said—one of her people that live in the building said, “Oh, you’re moving?” And she says, “No, why?” She says, “There’s people here, they moved everything out. There’s nothing left in the apartment.” And they took everything out. Where they put it, I don’t know. Why they took it out, I don’t know. But you know, I guess, you know, you hassle with Leah, you get the sticky end.