Leah Remini Told Dying Sister “Get ‘Charity Care,’” Say Family

Leah Remini’s father and his wife reveal that when Leah’s half-sister Stephani was dying of cancer, Leah would not help with her medical costs but told her to “get Charity Care.”


DANA: Leah did not assist Stephani Remini [half-sister] with money when Stephani had cancer.


DANA: Well, she said to Stephani—she said, “Get Charity Care.”

GEORGE: She never liked Stephani.

DANA: She said, “I’m not paying for it. Get Charity Care.”

GEORGE: Because she saw herself in Stephani. Because Stephani had the same, you know, some, some of the, God forgive me, some of the things that she does, you know, the same way. Use somebody else. You know, blame Tommy, the guy she was engaged to.

DANA: And Leah got mad when Stephani’s sister Christina—she had a web page, oh, a “GoFundMe” page. So people can send money to Stephani to help with her bills. And Leah said, “She doesn’t need money.” Just like that.