Father and Wife Speak on Leah Remini Pursuing Married Man

Leah Remini’s father and his wife discuss Remini’s aggressive pursuit of a married man with a young child, regardless of the consequences.


GEORGE: She’s [Leah] about this big and, you know, she just has a big attitude about her. Like everything is coming to her. She’s got to have this and now she’s got to have that. Like, even Angelo. When she met him he was a down-and-out salsa singer. And she met him in a restaurant and he was married. And she jumped right on him.

DANA: And she said, “When I saw him, I had to have him.” So, you know, she just—whatever she wants, you know, she’s going to get. And not even to say, “Oh my God, this guy is married.”

GEORGE: Not even separated.

DANA: Not even separated. He has children. How am I going to hurt his wife? I mean, you know, you’re—whatever—banging him. And what about the poor wife? That’s kind of mean.

GEORGE: Well, I guess she’ll blame me, you know.

DANA: And I know it takes two to tango, but it’s just wrong.

GEORGE: Yeah, he wasn’t paying child support, from what I understand. And Leah had to pick up the tab and pay the child support or else he’d be behind bars.

DANA: Yeah, Angelo left his kids and ex-wife like this [snap] on the street.

GEORGE: In a heartbeat, he left them.

DANA: Yeah. He saw, you know, an easy life. Oh, and he wanted to be a salsa singer. See, he had his little motives too. But that never, you know, worked out.

GEORGE: Even knowing Jennifer Lopez and what’s the name?

DANA: Marc Anthony.

GEORGE: Marc Anthony.

DANA: I mean come on. You’re around Marc Anthony. And you want to be a salsa singer. It never happened? Obviously it ain’t gonna ever happen, you know, so put that dream down and get a job.

GEORGE: And there’s nothing that she could do to Jennifer, because she’s [J.Lo’s] way above that, you know. So, she [Leah] better just shut up.

DANA: Leah has no morals. From, you know—

GEORGE: Everything she’s saying—

DANA: Sleeping with Angelo, a married man, to not helping him [George] when he had cancer, to just, you know, selling articles off other people’s ruin or reputation to make herself look better. Morally corrupt. And I think Leah is morally corrupt.