Leah Remini Admits No Vetting on “Aftermath” “Because They’re My People”

In a discussion on The Hollywood Reporter Reality TV Roundtable in June 2017, Leah Remini admits no vetting was done of her Aftermath cast “because they’re my people.”


LACEY ROSE: Leah, I want to turn to you. How much vetting is done of the people who are going to tell their stories on your show? Is that something—do you have people who have to sort of make them prove their stories, or do you…?

LEAH REMINI: Well, it’s funny you ask that, because when we started the show, you know, legal was like, you know, “Do you know this person personally?” I said, “I don’t need to know the person. Like, just know that they’re telling the truth.”


LEAH REMINI: “So, what do you want to do? ‘Prove it to me?’” So there is no vetting. I go, “Take their word for it.”

LACEY ROSE: And legal will let you get away with that?

LEAH REMINI: Well, they have to, because they’re my people.