Family Friend Experienced Leah Remini’s Attempt to Undermine Her Religion

A former family friend experienced Leah Remini trying to undermine her religion, using specious and “dramatic” ridicule to make her feel like she “had no worth.”


Leah was undermining my religion and trying to steer me away. And it was creating a really bad effect on me.

She actually ended up making it seem like my Church, my religion, where I’ve gained so much spiritual freedom and so much happiness and certainty about myself and others—she made it seem like it wasn’t what I knew, deep in my heart, it to be.

Leah, again, was really dramatic with me, going, “I can’t believe that you’re still over there doing this! What is going on?” And I felt like I was being made to look ridiculous. “That you’re staying. You’re actually going to, you know, continue these counseling sessions?” And so, yeah, it made me, like I say—for a period of time, it made me feel pretty inadequate, like, “Ugh”—God, like, I had no worth.

I think she felt like, “If I’m going to leave the Church, I’m going to take as many people as I can with me.”

I just have to say to her that, you know, I’m safe and I’m doing well and I persisted and I have truth. And every single staff member that I have dealt with, during the time that she was leaving and afterward, have all been 100% true friends to me and my family.