Eric Remembers Leah Remini Ostracizing Her Father Over Flowers

Former friend Eric tells of how Leah Remini was so angry with her father for not sending her flowers that she “excommunicated him” for two or three years.


She excommunicated her own father from her life.

He came to visit her after not seeing her for so many years—I don’t even know how many years, you know, whatever. She came from a broken home. So the father is in New York, she’s in LA, he finally comes because she’s a success and is in her mansion. And she doesn’t really spend that much time with him. She doesn’t really do all that much with him. It’s not really like, you know, quality time that one would spend with a parent. And I remember there was some sort of argument with, you know, the rental car bill and who’s going to pay for it and I think he just got upset and paid for it or whatever but, you know, she was hosting him. She brought him out.

And he goes back home to New York and I guess he had sent a thank you card saying, “Thank you for the week,” of whatever. And she was so pissed and so frustrated that her own father didn’t send flowers to say, “Thank you for the wonderful week,” that she excommunicated him from her life. And that lasted, I mean, until I was out of the picture, so that was a good two, three years. I mean, that’s insane. That’s Leah Remini. That’s who she is.