Father and Wife Explain that Leah “Played Herself” as an Actor

Leah Remini’s father and his wife discuss their personal knowledge of Leah and how “Leah plays herself” and so question her talent as an actor.


DANA: Every part Leah got, she always played herself.


DANA: So, that’s why I say I don’t think she has any talent, because I don’t recall her playing anything outside of who she really is.

GEORGE: Well, she made a mob movie. But, never heard of it. But that’s about all she did. And, as far as like, like—

DANA: Yeah, she had a—she had a hit show. [The King of Queens]

GEORGE: Yeah, yeah, one, yeah.

DANA: And nobody picked you up to do a movie?

GEORGE: Yeah, I mean—

DANA: But—but you have all—but you’re “so talented.” It just doesn’t make sense.

GEORGE: Yeah. If you’re so talented—

DANA: If you’re so talented, why?

GEORGE: Why? Why don’t you—

DANA: What was your last job?

GEORGE: —get a movie part?

DANA: Yeah.

GEORGE: Why won’t you—

DANA: You see how everything comes full circle? She’s back with Kevin James again. Because she’s going to play, probably, the same part she played.

GEORGE: Yeah, she’s a female cop in this picture and in this—in this—Leah’s going to play a female cop in this show [Kevin Can Wait]. And the reality of it is, if you really want to, you know, break it down: How do you go from a retired cop to now an undercover cop? You know, with your old partner? Didn’t you two do stuff back in the day that they know who you are?

DANA: And how tasteless is that, that Kevin’s TV wife got killed off? [Kevin’s costar] I mean, that is horrible. That’s so tasteless.