Father and Wife Discuss Leah Remini’s Firing from The Talk

Leah Remini’s father and his wife discuss how Leah was fired as a co-host from the CBS talk show, The Talk—and how Leah and her mother know “no boundaries” of right and wrong.


DANA: Leah got fired from The Talk because Sharon Osbourne got sick and tired of her antics.

GEORGE: Antics.

DANA: Trying to steal the show. Make it all about her. Just constantly. And what she does is, instead of her actually being funny, she makes fun of people. Like Lady Gaga. One time Leah came out with meat all over her body. And she went, you know—I don’t remember what it was about. I think there might have been MTV awards or something like that, I don’t know. But all she does is she makes fun of people and that’s not really being funny. I can make fun of people too. But that’s not my way. You should be funny, you know, within. Like your sense of humor, the way you look at things. Like Kevin James. He’s goofy.

GEORGE: And funny.

DANA: And funny. Okay, so—it was Leah’s mother’s birthday. And Sharon Osbourne invited Leah, Vicki and the other co-host.

GEORGE: No. She didn’t invite Vicki.

DANA: No, yeah, but she was jumping up and down on stage.

GEORGE: Vicki just showed up. She just came in with Leah.

DANA: Okay. So she just came in with Leah. Ozzy was performing. Vicki got on stage, and she just started doing jumping jacks on stage. And Sharon Osbourne was kind of looking at, like—

GEORGE: Furious.

DANA: What the hell? And Ozzy turned around and threw a bucket of water on Vicki. Meaning, get off the stage. And then she just like kind of hobbled off, you know, like this. And after that, Sharon Osbourne of course did not like that because they’re making a fool, basically, of her husband. Here he is performing on stage. How do you, like a nut, get on the stage and start jumping up and down? A crazy fan wouldn’t even do that. Or a five year old wouldn’t even do that. And in her mind she does that. Like I said, her and her mother, there’s just no, yes or no. Like: this is wrong, this is right.

GEORGE: Well, there’s no boundaries.

DANA: There’s no boundaries. Yeah, there you go—no boundaries.