Father and Wife Explain How Leah Remini “Doesn’t Care About Family”

Though Leah Remini portrays herself on-screen as caring about families, her father and his wife say it is all about “getting her name out there” and “face time.”


DANA: Leah doesn’t care about other people’s families. She doesn’t care about her own family. As stated before, you know, she didn’t go to Stephani’s [sister] funeral. She didn’t go to her mother’s [grandmother’s] funeral. She didn’t help him [pointing to George] out with the cancer. One time we were kind of hurting for money and we asked her if she could pay just one month’s mortgage. And she said, “Oh, I got to ask my”—what’d she say?—“manager.” And we never heard back from her. So, for me to believe, or anybody to believe that she can help other people and bring other people together or other people’s families, is just total bullshit. And it’s not real.

GEORGE: Leah can’t help herself, let alone help people.

DANA: Yeah.

GEORGE: That—that’s a—that’s a problem.

DANA: You know, Leah doesn’t have a giving bone in her body. She just doesn’t unless something is in it for her. And I feel so bad, you know, when I see her interview the ex-Scientologists and her be phony to them and, you know, like she really cares, because she doesn’t really care. She just cares about getting her name out there and what’s in it for her name.

GEORGE: And face time.

DANA: And face time, like what she’s—you know, like what she does.

GEORGE: Yeah, I mean—

DANA: Yeah, to promote the show, to promote the A&E show, she what? She goes on Wendy Williams, a few other media outlets and that’s what it’s all about. And that’s what she loves. She loves face time and to get herself out there.

GEORGE: The attention.

DANA: The attention.