Father and Wife Discuss How Leah Got Herself onto Kevin Can Wait

Leah Remini’s father and his wife discuss that Leah was “calculating” in how she got herself onto Kevin Can Wait, the sitcom starring Kevin James, her former The King of Queens costar.


GEORGE: Leah complained a few times about Kevin James and he was bossy on the show and making her do things, you know, like a scene she didn’t want to do, she had to do because, you know, he was the producer. And, like I said, now with this new thing with the Kevin Can Wait, I don’t know what he’s thinking or what Leah may have on him somehow. But there’s no way, no way you could just turn around and dismiss the—the woman that played—I forgot her name—that played that part [Kevin’s costar]. And all of a sudden you walk into it.

DANA: And Leah actually waited until Kevin Can Wait was a hit show and then she made her move. So she’s very, very calculating.

GEORGE: Now, I’m not saying anything dismissive about Kevin but if you want to make it believable, how are you going to do that? So why is Leah sneaking in the back door? I—it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

It’s just no way.

DANA: Like what George said before, Leah will do anything. She’ll step on anybody’s toes. She don’t care who she hurts. As long as she gets her way—

GEORGE: A paycheck.

DANA: —and what she wants, she’s going to do it.

GEORGE: And gets a paycheck. That’s all she’s interested in.

DANA: So Leah trying to come across like, “Oh, I’m this helpful person. I just want to help people,” you know, “Ah!” is bullshit.