Leah Remini’s Father and His Wife on How Leah Skipped Family Funerals

Leah Remini’s father and his wife discuss the irony of Leah not attending the funerals of her grandfather, grandmother and half-sister, then faking a funeral on her reality TV show.


GEORGE: When my father died, Leah didn’t show up. And when my mother died, Leah didn’t show up. And these are two people that she kept, “Oh my granny, my granny, my granny.” And you know, it doesn’t mean nothing. You never went to see her. Maybe once you went to see her, you know, from California. That’s about it. You know, she’ll say, “Oh, I used to go there all the time.” No you didn’t. You know—

DANA: But meanwhile, on her show she has, It’s All Relative, Angelo, Leah and Vicki set up fake funerals.

GEORGE: Yeah, Vicki died. Yeah.

DANA: Oh, so if Vicki, you know, if Vicki—“If I die”—I’m Vicki—“If I die, Leah, what would you say? Angelo, what would you say?”

GEORGE: And they filmed it as an episode.

DANA: And they filmed it as an episode.

GEORGE: So you’d go to your mother’s funeral.

DANA: Right. And you’d go to Angelo’s. Because you set it up—It’s All Relative. You set up, you know, fake funerals and, you know, “If I die, what would you say?” But you won’t go to your sister’s funeral, Stephani. You won’t go to your grandmother’s funeral. So she’s just, like, all over the board.

GEORGE: So, you know, you, I mean, I don’t have to be a, you know, college graduate to understand. You know, you get kicked so many times, you learn to stay down. You know, and through my life with them, that’s all they did. You know, they came to New York I think once. They stayed with me in my apartment for—to sleep. That’s about it. Other than that, they were gone. So, what, why’d you come to visit me? You know, you should—you could have stayed in Christina’s [stepsister] house or somebody’s house. You know, “Oh, I’ve come to see you, Daddy.” “Alright.” Didn’t work out that way.