Leah Remini’s Stepfather Tells of Finding Scientology, Answers

In late 2019, Leah Remini’s stepfather, George Marshall, tells of how he discovered answers to problems in life when he found Scientology.


And so I just started, you know, looking at all the self-help books and I ended up finding Scientology and it was like coming home. It was like, exactly what I was looking for. Everything else—everything was solved. You keep Scientology working by doing it exactly the way it was designed and developed. It works every time. It works on almost anyone. It depends—it depends on your ability. You know, it depends on whether or not you want to get it, how bad you want to get it, how bad you want to make changes. It’s drastic, the changes, you know. The changes can be quick and drastic. You can go from having a problem one moment to not having that problem in a matter of hours.