Kathy Recalls Leah Remini’s Abusive Treatment of Her Own Mother

A friend and former manager saw Leah Remini be publicly “condescending to her mother” for no reason—a behavior the friend observed “so many times with her.”


I was in the same study room, course room, with Leah’s mother. And the study room is supposed to be a quiet place where everybody’s quietly learning and doing things to, basically, improve themselves. Well, when Leah came into the room she just started being so condescending to her mother and she was just ripping her mother up one side and down the other. And I’m looking at that and going, first of all, to treat her own mother that way. And then to come into a study room that she knew—that Leah knew—was supposed to be quiet, totally disregarding all the other students that are in there, totally not caring about anybody else and just doing what she always did—what I observed so many times with her. And that was, to me, it was an unforgiveable situation to come in and be that harsh on anybody.

She was really acting like a bitch to her own mother. And making her mother wrong and just—it was just awful to watch.